The biggest thing I hear from potential clients that keeps them from booking is being uncomfortable with their body especially in front of a stranger- I totally get it. Getting naked in front of someone you barely know is a lot to ask. Don't worry; I have done this many times. You are in great hands. Kick back, relax and enjoy being pampered. 

I know being vulnerable can be hard. Let me change your perspecitive

Babe, You are worth it!

Hey, y'all! I'm Alyssa- Certifiably a hot mess mom and the owner of Alyssa Lacey Photography. I love making women feel beautiful in their own skin and helping them find themselves again. Moms are my specialty because truthfully, I just get you, girl.

A transplant to the Washington area from Charleston, SC, I joined my husband in the PNW for his job. We have 4 beautiful children, Winnie, Pennie, Teddie and Sullie along with our two dogs Elphie and Glinda, our cat Boris and our bearded dragon Carrots.

After getting a bachelors degree in both Theatre and Early Childhood Education, I felt very lost. It was always my dream to do performance full-time and be a mother. but the universe had different plans for me. I came into photography through a friend. Needless to say, it was fast love. I did not plan to ever be a photographer but quickly realized that it was something I thoroughly enjoyed and just happened to be good at. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and what it has done for my life. 

Enough about me- I want to know more about you!

Butt wiper, snot sucker, boo boo kisser and snack bitch.

Not just a camera,

Just a Dr. Pepper addicted, smut readying, musical theater nerd, type of gal. 


"She seriously has made me feel confident and beautiful over the last year and a half. I have been lucky enough to have had multiple sessions with her and literally every single one has been amazing! Making the investment of booking with her was the best thing I ever done for ME. She is the best hype girl, the BEST at providing how to pose, and damn! She got skills! Every session I have left feeling like the biggest, sexiest baddass! Thank you for being you, Alyssa!"


I had such a great experience with Alyssa Lacey Photography on so many levels! This was my first time doing something like this and it was a gift to myself. I felt I was worth it and after experiencing it I have to say the experience made me feel every bit of that. Alyssa is both professional and personal plus an amazing artist! Triple threat!! I will definitely be booking with her again in the future and can't wait to hang my beautiful pictures! Thank you Alyssa Lacey Photography for the big dose of empowering vibes! 

Damn girl! 

 You are fine.!

Damn girl! You are fine.!

Alyssa Lacey Photography

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