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Intimate Boudoir


"But what if I don't like the way I look?" "I'm not photogenic." "I'm awkward." "I don't have anyone who would care about these photos."

Beautiful, we get it. At Alyssa Lacey Photography, we are all moms, wives, small business owners. We know how hard it is to be confident sometimes. We all have this idea of what we "should" look like according to media/society and it's frustrating. Our bodies are constantly changing. We grow humans. Our weight fluctuates. But beautiful, you're body is amazing. It does indescribable things for you and it deserves to be celebrated. Having these feelings is exactly why a boudoir experience is for you. Come join us and see how this can change your life. 

Let's celebrate that! You deserve it.

You're Absolutely Beautiful

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"She seriously has made me feel confident and beautiful over the last year and a half. I have been lucky enough to have had multiple sessions with her and literally every single one has been amazing! Making the investment of booking with her was the best thing I ever done for ME. She is the best hype girl, the BEST at providing how to pose, and damn! She got skills! Every session I have left feeling like the biggest, sexiest baddass! Thank you for being you, Alyssa!"


I had such a great experience with Alyssa Lacey Photography on so many levels! This was my first time doing something like this and it was a gift to myself. I felt I was worth it and after experiencing it I have to say the experience made me feel every bit of that. Alyssa is both professional and personal plus an amazing artist! Triple threat!! I will definitely be booking with her again in the future and can't wait to hang my beautiful pictures! Thank you Alyssa Lacey Photography for the big dose of empowering vibes! 

Damn girl! 

 You are fine.!

Damn girl! You are fine.!


Hi, beautiful! I'm Alyssa and I am SO excited you've made it this far. I know boudoir can sometimes be an experience that is overwhelming but I am so excited you want to experience it. I did my first boudoir shoot in 2017 as a gift for my husband and DAMN. I am so glad I did. I've never felt more beautiful. Now my goal is to have all of my clients have the "damn, that's me?!" moment and to make women feel the most confident they ever have. Because beautiful, YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

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