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"But what if I don't like the way I look?" "I'm not photogenic." "I'm awkward." "I don't have anyone who would care about these photos." Beautiful, we get it. At Alyssa Lacey Photography, we are all moms, wives, small business owners. We know how hard it is to be confident sometimes. We all have this idea of what we "should" look like according to media/society and it's frustrating. Our bodies are constantly changing. We grow humans. Our weight fluctuates. But beautiful, you're body is amazing. It does indescribable things for you and it deserves to be celebrated. Having these feelings is exactly why a boudoir experience is for you. Come join us and see how this can change your life. 

Let's celebrate that! you deserve it.

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Hi, beautiful! I'm Alyssa and I am SO excited you've made it this far. I know boudoir can sometimes be an experience that is overwhelming but I am so excited you want to experience it. I did my first boudoir shoot in 2017 as a gift for my husband and DAMN. I am so glad I did. I've never felt more beautiful. Now my goal is to have all of my clients have the "damn, that's me?!" moment and to make women feel the most confident they ever have. Because beautiful, YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

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Your experience is tailored to who you are. We love to sit and talk with our clients about THEIR vision and what they also want to see from this experience. This is about more than just portraits for us.. We pick out lingerie together from the client closet, you get your hair and make up done to help execute the look and we can discuss a package that best suits you. At Alyssa Lacey Photography, we want the best for you. So, we're giving you our best! 

We work together to come up with the best styling, sets and vision to fit exactly who you are.

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Damn girl! You are fine.


I cannot say enough good things about my experience. Alyssa Lacey made me feel so comfortable and beautiful in my own skin! Thank you so much❤️ 

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