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This was my first budoir shoot and I honestly had no idea what to expect and was a little bit nervous going into it. Alyssa was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. From positioning, to lighting, to facial expressions, etc. she made me feel so good in my own skin and as a new mother it was the confidence boost I needed! I was self conscious about my stretch marks and my mom body and she helped me embrace it 100%. Alyssa made this so fun and you can tell she is very passionate about what she does. She made me feel so beautiful; I couldn't have asked for more!

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I had such a great experience with Alyssa Lacey Photography on so many levels! This was my first time doing something like this and it was a gift to myself. I felt I was worth it and after experiencing it I have to say the experience made me feel every bit of that. Alyssa is both professional and personal plus an amazing artist! Triple threat!! I will definitely be booking with her again in the future and can't wait to hang my beautiful pictures! Thank you Alyssa Lacey Photography for the big dose of empowering vibes! 

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